We have been requested by National Parks and Wildlife to inform members and guests regarding planned activities in the Kosciuszko National Park during the next couple of months.

(1) From 11 November through to 18 December 2019, an NPWS contract trapper will be working in the Perisher Range Resorts, Whites River, Schlinks Pass and Charlotte Pass areas of Kosciuszko National Park. The contractor will be using his motorbike for transport and have a detection dog helping with the soft-jaw trapping program.

(2) Between 11 to 17 November 2019 (excluding weekends), an aerial shooting program targeting deer and pigs in Kosciuszko National Park is planned.

The attached map highlights the areas to be targeted for the program. Note that the area includes all areas with black hatching.

The program should be completed over three days as conditions permit. Details are below:

Exclusion Areas:

  • Mapped shooting exclusion areas within and around resorts, roads and some walking tracks.
  • Main range walking track to be excluded from shoot area.

There will be a partial closure of Kosciuszko National Park covering walking tracks and surrounding areas within the shoot area. This will be highlighted through signage at the start of those walking tracks as well as promotion on the NPWS website and at Visitor Information Centres.

The closed areas will be:

  • Rennix walk
  • Rainbow Lake walk
  • Porcupine track
  • Waterfall walk
  • The Main Range – Dicky Cooper Bogong south along Rolling Ground to Pounds Creek and Mount Anderson
  • Ramshead Range – Merrits Creek east to Sawpit Creek
  • Mount Guthrie east to Mount Paralyser
  • The area east of Guthega Link Road, eastwards to Diggers Creek
  • The area east from Diggers Creek (Guthega Road) and north of Kosciuszko Road eastwards towards Jindabyne Pumping Station
  • Big Boggy, The Cascades, Chimneys Ridge and Charcoal Range
  • Suggan Buggan Range
  • Moyangul or Pinch River, upstream of Lookout Creek
  • North-east of The Pilot to Ingegoodbee trail.

This operation is part of a 3-year plan to reduce impacts of deer and pigs on high conservation areas. These include the montane bogs and fens threatened ecological community. Other feral animals such as foxes, goats, and wild dogs will also be targeted during this program. Aerial shooting is not used to control horses in NSW national parks, and therefore horses will not be targeted as part of this program.