Gunuma is a self-catering lodge with communal facilities.

There is one male and one female bathroom in each wing of five rooms. Other communal facilities include the kitchen, BBQ, balconies, dining and lounge rooms, children’s room, tv room and snow sports equipment storage.

What to bring:

Here’s a short checklist of what you need to bring to make your stay comfortable.

  • Loads of cheer!
  • Food and drinks. The nearest supermarket is in Jindabyne. During Winter, basic essentials can be purchased in Smiggins or Perisher.
  • Sheets or a sleeping bag. Most rooms consist of two single beds. These can be pulled together to make a double bed. Blankets are supplied.
  • Pillowcase. Each room is equipped with pillows.
  • Towel & personal toiletry items
  • Sunscreen
  • Snow gear (in winter)
  • Insect spray (in summer)


Provided for your night/s accommodation is (per person):

  • one single bed (most rooms has two single beds)
  • Woollen Blankets (single & queen)
  • Pillows (own pillow case required)
  • Cupboards space for clothing (including hanging)
  • Vanity sink
  • Individual heating units
  • Additionally, each room allocation includes:
  • 1 pantry cupboard space (in kitchen)
  • 1 fridge shelf (in kitchen)

If you are sharing a room, then these provisions are to be shared.