Members or Guests must ensure they have thoroughly cleaned, vacuumed, tidied and vacated their room by 4.00pm on the last day of booking.

 – Remember to:

  • remove your name from the whiteboard in the dining room to indicate that the room is free
  • return the Car – Park Pass to the Lodge.
  • Set the heater thermostat to 10 Celsius before leaving

Check that your allocated room chores are done!

Close the blinds and adjust the thermostat to 10oC.

Return room keys, if allocated.


Check that you have emptied and cleaned your allocated cupboard space and fridge shelf.


Check the drying, boot and ski rooms and, if necessary, the downstairs fridge and freezer, for items you may have overlooked.

Sign out

Sign out of the register.

Remove your name from the whiteboard. Return car parking tag to correct place in the relevant folder