GUNUMA LODGE is an incorporated association under the NSW Associations Incorporations Act 2009 and Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016. As such, it operates under the Gunuma Constitution and Specific Rules.

Under this framework members have certain rights and responsibilities. Members enjoy exclusive access to the Lodge and facilities for themselves, their families and guests.  However, in the interests of an enjoyable holiday it is important that the building, its contents and fellow guests are treated with respect and consideration. 

For your safety and enjoyment please adhere to the following guidelines during your stay:

Fire and Emergency

Perisher, Smiggin Holes and Charlotte’s Pass have LOST ski lodges to fires.  Please do not do ANYTHING to add ours to the list.

The fire evacuation meeting place is the front car-park directly opposite the main entrance to the Lodge.  It is most important that, in the event of an emergency evacuation, all occupants meet here so that anyone missing can be readily identified and safely retrieved.

All members and individual guests are to be signed into the accommodation register – this will be used to account for residents in the event of a fire.

It is important for all Lodge guests to attend the weekly fire safety presentation by the Winter House Manager during peak season.

Member’s Responsibilities

Members are responsible for their actions and that of their co-member, families and guests while staying at the Lodge, whether or not the Member is staying at the lodge at the same time.  The Member in effect is vouching for the proper conduct of his/her guests.  Where a breach of these responsibilities is proven the Committee has the power to take appropriate remedial action against the Member. 

Give a helping hand

Everyone staying at the Lodge is on holidays and we all prefer to keep our chores to a minimum.  However, if you notice that something requires attention such as emptying the garbage or filling the wood box, please spare a moment to help out. 


Living in a communal environment requires courtesy and consideration on everyone’s part.  Please remember that slamming doors, loud voices, heavy footsteps, crying children, loud music etc all contribute to strained relationships.  Noise must be kept to a minimum before 8.00am and after 10.00pm.   


Your children are your responsibility at all times.  Please respect other guests’ enjoyment of the Lodge.  If children want to play noisy and vigorous games, usher them to the downstairs Play Room. To avoid accidents please do not allow children to play on or around the stairs and keep younger children, especially toddlers, out of the kitchen, particularly during meal times. 


Members and guests should take their own precautions to secure personal property and valuables, e.g., utilising the safe installed in each room, when they are unoccupied. No responsibility will be accepted by the Committee for loss or damage to personal property brought to the Lodge.   


A complete ban on smoking exists in ALL areas of the Lodge Lease including the airlock near the fireplace, the front entry and external fire escape areas.  If you need to smoke, please go well outside the building and remember to ‘bin your butt’.