At this time of year the committee appreciates that families get together over the Christmas holiday period and may plan to visit to the Lodge within the first few months of 2020.  It is therefore important to note that three major works will be undertaken at the Lodge between January and May 2020 which will cause restrictions on occupancy levels as well as temporary closures.  The details of this work are set out below courtesy of Dave Barwick, Capital Works Manager.

Major Works Outline

The first major work is the installation of fire sprinklers, second is replacing the floor covering to the kitchen and dining room floors and third the replacement of the electrical switchboard.

NSW government requirements have necessitated the upgrading of fire safety within our Lodge.  Details of this in relation to the Building Code of Australia, maintenance, and lease related, non-compliance matters was set out in the October 2019 Newsletter.  To ensure appropriate compliance the installation of fire sprinklers in the Lodge was considered to have the least impact on the building.

Fire sprinklers

The installation of the fire sprinklers will commence in early January with the installation of a 100mm pipe running from the road behind the lodge around the side of the Lodge and into the ground floor storage room under the fire place. Preliminary work will commence around the 6th January and there will be disruption to water supply to the Lodge from 9am to 1pm on the 8th January.

The installation of the sprinklers will commence on the 10/2/2019 and take between 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Negotiations with the installer have succeeded in keeping half of the Lodge open during this period.

Initially the bottom bedrooms will be closed off to members while the sprinklers are installed in that area. Once the work is completed downstairs then work will commence upstairs and members will only have access to the downstairs bedrooms. Sprinkler installation will only occur from Monday through to Friday. All common areas will be available during the construction period.

Kitchen & Dining room flooring

As members will have noticed these floors are in urgent need of replacement.

This work will occur from the 20th April through to the following Friday, 24th April.


Electrical Switchboard

This board is the original and was installed approx. 45 years ago. To improve electrical safety and to meet current standards we are upgrading the board which will also include RCDs’ (residual current device which quickly breaks an electrical circuit to prevent serious harm from a detected leakage).

This work will commence Monday 27th April and be completed by the following Friday, 1st May.  PLEASE NOTE, THE LODGE WILL BE CLOSED FOR THAT WEEK

Proposed work party dates

The traditional work parties are currently planned for the following dates:

February 7 – 9;

March 13 – 15

April 17 – 19

May 15 – 17

If there are any changes to the above dates, for either the major works or the work parties, this information will be available through future newsletters, the web page and Renae Davis, our Administration Officer.

Also please note the important security reminders regarding Summer access in the October 2019 Newsletter.

Pen-picture of Dave Barwick (in his own words)

Let me introduce myself, Dave Barwick is my name. I have been a member of Gunuma since before we built the Lodge. I’m in fact the youngest of the original members.

My technical back ground was as a Senior Technical Office, Buildings with Department of Housing & Construction for many years. More recently I changed careers and was employed for twenty years at the Australian National University as a Senior Technical Officer Electronics.

I have a small company which I set up eight years ago, selling, validating and repairs of sterilisers/autoclaves and instrument washers to hospitals, dental and doctor surgeries, podiatrists and vets.

My hobbies are skiing and flying. I have held a private pilots’ licence for forty-five years and have an Australian Jabiru J230D aircraft which I keep at Canberra Airport.

The committee wishes to extend to all members and their families the best of wishes for the festive season and hopes to see you all safe and well at the Lodge in 2020.